Its the 2000 butterfly ballots all over again.  The video above shows someone trying to vote for a republican and it automatically switches to democrat.  Not only that but two counties in Texas have moved to paper ballots until “the glitch is fixed”.

They will stop at nothing to force us into socialist slavery.  I fully expect this to all be a ruse so they can “fix the glitch” and claim “see we fixed it, no rigging here.”.  The video above is too blatant, but easy enough for the average person to miss.  I’m betting the “fix” to the machines will just switch the votes behind the scenes.

I think this is the only way Clinton can win this.  Trump clearly has the popular support despite what polling says.  If we can overcome this rigging somehow, it will be over for the democrats.  Demand paper ballot if you can.  They can be destroyed, but its a little harder to do.