Time is your most precious resource.  The more time you spend fucking around the less time you have overall.  Its the one thing you can never get back and something that many people squander.

Trust Your Gut

In all honesty, you know when you’re fucking around and not doing what you should.  You can lie to everyone else, but the truth always haunts you.  An ideal day for me is waking up early to lift, getting my family in order in the morning, getting work projects/studying done during the day, and coming home to a home made meal.   At the end of the day I can reflect on what I did to make myself stronger, smarter, wealthier, and it makes it all worth it.

A big part of it is your mindset in the beginning of the day too.  If I wake up feeling like shit and telling myself that the day is going to suck, my lifts suffer, I don’t get much done, and I feel generally shitty.  If I wake up and feel like shit, but tell myself that I’m going to crush it today anyway, things tend to go better.

Drop The Dead Weight

In order to get the most out of your life, you have to be driven and dedicated to yourself and your needs.  Losing things that distract you (social media, video games, porn etc) can be difficult but you can go without them.  Losing people who waste your time can be more difficult.

Does your girlfriend give you shit for going to the gym instead of out drinking with friends? Does your one loser friend berate you for studying or working on a project instead of watching football?  These people are toxic toward success,and some should be dropped altogether.

People that are losers view successful people in a negative light because they remind them of their sub-par drive and insecurities. These types are better left on their own because they always try the hardest to bring you down.  You’ll start to notice that unmotivated loser people tend to only hang out with people like them.  They circle jerk each other telling themselves that they’re great, when they do fuck all that actually matters.

I like to be around people a little more successful than myself.  A guy who make a bit more money or has more than I do.  I don’t envy this man, I see how he got there and try to emulate it.  Far too often in this world, success is viewed as negative.  We have a whole populous that shuns hard work, determination, and goals for a life of endless consumerism that they cant afford and a life that is just wasted on bullshit.

Trim The Fat

Ever see the person that always has the newest smartphone but lives with his parents and doesn’t even own a car?  I know a guy like this.  He was my best friend in high school and we went through some shit together.  The problem as I’m closing in on 30 is the fact that mentally hes still 18 years old.  He works a shitty job, lives with another couple (maybe they’re all fucking each other idk) and has no real plan other than what hes doing that day.

I have a family, career and goals that I’m trying to achieve.  We have nothing to talk about anymore so I kind of just moved on.  I’m not too much of a dick to him, but when he invites me over for a video game session I always decline because I have better shit to do.

Nothing I ever did in life was ever met with “Wow I’m glad I waited to make myself better”

-J. Nyx