Guys, I’m tired of the PC culture we live in.  Everyone these days walks around on egg shells trying so hard not to “offend” someone.  You see this in every form of our society and everyone loves to point the finger at hard working, family oriented whites for every atrocity in the world.  I’ve had it.

Get Fucked

If you go through life needing other people to validate your existence you’re not actually living your own life.  There are no “safe spaces” around me.  If you have a problem, concern, or opinion put that shit out there.  If you truly have balls and live life the way a man should, you should say what you want, without backpedaling.  If you say something you truly believe in, and people give you shit, don’t explain yourself.  You immediately give the other person the upper hand because it looks like you truly don’t believe what you’ve said.

I’m not talking about being a straight up dick either.  Obviously walking up to a random guy on the street and telling him hes a pussy might get you into trouble, but don’t be a bitch in social settings.  If you girlfriend is belittling you, call her out on it.  If some dude is demeaning you, tell him to cut the shit.  If you don’t want to be drug to the mall to spend your money on clothes for some bitch then tell her no.

Stop Censorship

I’m being relentless on people anymore.  If you’re in my social group and acting like a beta, loser I’m calling you out.  If you want sympathy go somewhere else.  If I’m out in public, and I have an opinion, I say it.  99% of the time most people wont do a damn thing other than admire the giant display of balls you just dropped on them.

Call out the fat, green armpit haired SJW bitch that posts anti-male things on facebook.  Call out the loser who despite having an equal chance at making something of himself blames whitey for all his problems.  Call out the guy who is being cucked by his girlfriend or wife.

A while ago I invited a buddy and his fat ugly wife to a cookout.  She was pregnant with the guys kid and thus couldn’t drink alcohol. She would constantly demean this guy in social groups even going so far as to say he had a small dick. Hes been red pilled now and doesn’t take any shit, but I digress.  She starts giving him shit because she couldn’t drink.  I say to her “Well, you have a baby in you, no shit” to which she responds “J. can you just shut the fuck up already.”

Instantly my wife says “don’t talk to him like that” and I said “Listen, just because you are allowed to get away with talking to your man like that, you are not coming in my fucking home and talking to me like that.  Leave, you’re a fat piece of shit that no one likes.”

My buddy couldn’t believe it.  He didn’t even try to defend her and I could tell he was loving every second of it. Everyone at the party was floored.

The lesson in all of this is say whatever the fuck you want, and don’t try to pander to the feelings of others.  People who make it in this world, aren’t afraid of backlash.  Beast mode activated.

Tell them like it is


-J. Nyx