There are things you want to do, things you have to do, and things you shouldn’t be doing that you choose between all day.  If you truly want to achieve greatness, you have to kill the fears and doubts in your head.  It takes time, dedication and discipline, but you can make that bitch boy inside you go away forever.

The Old You is Dead

The old you who makes excuses, is lazy, and fucks around is dead, and you have killed him.  He is weak but his pull is great.  Its easy to fall into a life of mediocrity and laziness.  Think about the average guy today and if that doesn’t sicken you then you need to rethink the world.  We must defy the limits and accepted norms of our society.  From today forward, you have killed that lazy, unmotivated weakling.

Remapping Your Brain

I think the best way to kill doubts and fears is to first proclaim what it is you’re trying to be.  I don’t mean this in the fat acceptance, tumblr way of “Im fat and beautifuL” but what I mean is when trying to achieve a goal, you should tell yourself that you’re someone who works toward that goal.  For example, if you want to win a strongman competition, while training say “im a strongman”.  If you want to give up drinking tell yourself “I’m someone who doesn’t drink” No matter the goal, telling yourself you’re “x” can really help you get motivated and stay on track.

Its Part of You

Once you accept the path to greatness being a long hard but worth it journey, you are unstoppable. You push yourself to the limit every day and when something opposes you, you crush it.  We as men need to keep this spirit alive because it begins to vanish from the world a little more each day.  Ignore the limits, become the beast.


-J. Nyx