I am a FUCKING WHITE MALE and I have to say that we are in need of a revival.  Everywhere I look I see white guys acting like total faggots while being weak, out of shape, awkward, and outright pathetic.  The feminist/leftist ideologies have turned out a generation of pussified fuckwits who deserve to become the cucks they are.

Literally Hitler

Every other form of masculinity on Earth is pushed,celebrated and respected except for white men.  Black men can be masculine and proud, Latin men can be masculine and proud of who they are, but the first time a group of white guys try to do the same they’re racist nazis who need to be eradicated.

Jack Donovan author of The Way of Men has a new video and book out about this very subject.  This video is where he talks about embracing the “barbarian” that we’ve been labeled as.  He goes on to say that we as white men are no longer part of the mainstream world, as it’s a world that we are not designed to live in.

Wake Up

I don’t think all is lost though.  I’ve seen some of the most beta men get red pilled and come out okay.  Hopefully we’ll hit a tipping point where we’re tired of all the liberal, anti-male bullshit we have to deal with and a mass red pilling will happen.  Some will continue to drink the leftist kool aid, but we have a war coming unlike any other.

I’ve posted before that I feel that the west wont get conquered by warships and militias, but it will be eaten by the cancer unleashed from within.  We have American and European “men” who are all but useless, governments who want to let the foreign invaders  in, and women who welcome them with open legs.  The plan is almost perfect in a evil villain type of way.

Strip the rights/cultures of the men (protectors), indoctrinate the keepers of the genes (women) to despise their own kind (due to propaganda and the fact that the “men” are pretty useless), and inject whatever extreme ideology you can find (islam/communism) that will eradicate any trace of the native culture.  Do this for a long enough time and you have a one world, one people, one government planet.

Its Not Too Late

A little bit of a tangent there but you get the idea. As men who are the first to really deal with this shit, we have a duty to at least defend who we are, even if it means failing in the process.  A man who knows he may lose a fight but still engages is more respected than the coward who doesn’t fight at all.  I agree with Donovan, embrace the stereotype.  Everyone else gets too.

If enough guys start acting like real men, we’ll see ourselves through this.