When you’re born male, you are born with certain expectations.  This is something you cannot choose so if you want to live a normal life, you have to embrace it.  You are expected to deal with things that a man should.  Far too often today, “men” are whiny, bitchy, lazy cunts that wonder why no one likes them.

The Grotesque

A weak, whiny, little bitch of a man  is a disgusting thing.  His fellow men see him as beneath them and as a guy who is untrustworthy.  Women see him as useless and therefore hes invisible to them.  These faggots see a successful man and rather than want to be like him or achieve the success he has, they berate him and attack his frame.

Your life is going to fucking hard, get used to it.  In the west, these guys are so used tot heir cushy, pussified lives that they groan and complain for having to do the most simple of tasks.  They “just want to be left alone” and their government and corporations will give them everything they need.  You don’t need a girlfriend, here’s porn.  You don’t need to go out and experience things, here’s an xbox.  You don’t need to be physically strong, here’s a machine to do that for you.

I guess I can’t blame these guys 100% for their behavior.  Masculinity for whites has been under fire for decades now.  You’re brought up in a world where every atrocity in history is your fault,  women are above you, and any other race/culture is far superior to yours.  The only hope we have is more men taking the red pill on this shit.

Rock Solid

Society looks to its men to be the rock that shields them from the world.  Pain, hardship, death, and the messier side of life is going to be thrown at you no matter where you live on Earth.  The most respected man is one who can calmly push back at all the shit thrown at him without looking for a reward.  If you’re living on your own terms, carving your place into this world, than I find it impossible to not find these things similar to your experience.