Last week I went on a bow hunting trip. Away from the office, smartphone, TV, and all media I lived in a small rustic cabin in the woods.  Each morning I would get up before dawn, gear up and head out into the blackness of the forest.  Alone, surrounded by real danger I trudged to my blind.  Once inside I sit there, hearing coyote howls, bears and giant bucks.  In that moment I felt something that is hard to describe.  I was vulnerable, anxious, a bit scared, but energetic, alert and prepared to take a deer.


I disconnected from the world at that point.  The internet, politics, work, stress and everything I let consume me daily didn’t matter anymore.  Being out in nature made me put things into perspective and realize that a lot of the stress I had was self imposed.

Everyone hits a rut of complacency.  I hadn’t been doing what I should have with world, school, and in the gym.  I realized that I let distractions get in the way of my progress, which lead to more distractions.  You get caught in a routine of bad decisions, followed by bad behaviors.  Only stepping out of the box and looking inward can you realize that you’ve been getting in your own way.

Every Second Counts

Every minute you waste fucking around is one you could have used to make yourself better.  Choosing to jack off, slack off, and fuck around keeps you distracted from the real things you should be doing.  Going hunting last week showed me that as men we must be owning our shit 24/7.

I realized that if I see focus wandering that I will:

  1. Accept that I wasn’t doing what I should
  2. Vow to keep focused
  3. Do something positive (go for a walk, do some pushups etc)


The things in life you have to do, you probably wont want to do, but you need to man up and do it.  Life isn’t supposed to be easy and cushy.  I imagine being in those woods all the time, where a slip of judgement can cost your your safety or life.  A buck doesn’t have the luxury of not doing what he wants to do.  He will be killed and stronger males will live on.  Be the stronger male.