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October 2016

The Leftist, Globalist, Socialist Parasite is Dying

The west has been in a choke hold by the globalist, leftist, socialist elites of the world since the end of World War II.  The seeds were planted long ago and it seemed that we were royally fucked, and who... Continue Reading →


Becoming Bulletproof

Once you've taken the red pill, a change happens inside you.  The Matrix analogies are perfect because you can't go back to the beta male days you were once so blinded by.  When you face the atrocities, unfairness, and raw... Continue Reading →

Proof of Vote Rigging Its the 2000 butterfly ballots all over again.  The video above shows someone trying to vote for a republican and it automatically switches to democrat.  Not only that but two counties in Texas have moved to paper ballots until "the... Continue Reading →

Killing Procrastination

Time is your most precious resource.  The more time you spend fucking around the less time you have overall.  Its the one thing you can never get back and something that many people squander. Trust Your Gut In all honesty,... Continue Reading →

Fuck Feelings

Guys, I'm tired of the PC culture we live in.  Everyone these days walks around on egg shells trying so hard not to "offend" someone.  You see this in every form of our society and everyone loves to point the... Continue Reading →

Killing The Bitch Inside You

There are things you want to do, things you have to do, and things you shouldn't be doing that you choose between all day.  If you truly want to achieve greatness, you have to kill the fears and doubts in... Continue Reading →

White Men Need To Man Up

I am a FUCKING WHITE MALE and I have to say that we are in need of a revival.  Everywhere I look I see white guys acting like total faggots while being weak, out of shape, awkward, and outright pathetic. ... Continue Reading →

This May Be It

Julian Assange and wikileaks have posted 3 hashes to their twitter only for a "state actor" to cut his internet access at the Ecuadorian embassy.    Each of these keys are thought to be used to verify file integrity of... Continue Reading →

Be The Boulder

When you're born male, you are born with certain expectations.  This is something you cannot choose so if you want to live a normal life, you have to embrace it.  You are expected to deal with things that a man... Continue Reading →

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