Getting out of the daily grind and into new, uncomfortable situations is paramount toward building yourself as a man.  Too many guys these days have all their problems, needs, and desires met for them.  The toxicity of instant gratification has lead men down the path of being fat, weak, perpetual children.  They never challenge themselves or put themselves into situations which test their endurance, strength, or willpower.

Test Your Limits

You have to make your self a bad motherfucker.  The way to do that is to push yourself into uncomfortable situations.  How you handle yourself when pushed to the limit helps you in other ways.  Don’t always chose the path of least resistance.

Something as simple as taking a cold shower, or deciding to take the stairs instead of the elevator force you to take the harder route to get something done.  The benefit of that is knowing that you’re pushing yourself more into a “spartan mode” where you don’t let the little things get to you.  Remaining a tough, hard, collected, unbreakable son of a bitch is your duty as a man.

Get Into Nature

Something raw and real happens when you’re left to your own devices in nature.  Hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, rock climbing etc. are all things that seem to center me as a man.  You feel a connection to the past and the cushy life of the modern faggot male is eradicated in a moment.  There are no distractions from reality and no screens to occupy your time. There is real danger in all around you, and you must confront it 100% to survive. Even if you’re not the outdoors type, you should consider taking at the very least a camping trip.

Just Do Something

Go ask that girl for her number.  Learn a new skill.  Build something with your bare hands.  The key isn’t what you do, because that will be different for everyone, but the fact that you don’t get stagnant.  There must be no zero sum days.


Note: I’m pushing myself into nature next week on a bowhunting trip.  I wont be posting so please check out the archived posts.