Last night we saw the first debate between Trump and Clinton.  You can barely call it that because it was pretty low energy, boring, and definitely had skewed questions. As a Trump supporter, I can say that he didn’t do well last night, but neither did Clinton.

The questions were specifically chipping away at Trump.  After all the corruption and lies we’ve been exposed to by Clinton, they only asked her 2 personal questions.  She was allowed to jump in whenever Trump was speaking but Trump was told to stop when she was speaking.

As rigged as it was, Trump held back too much.  He may be saving ammunition for the next debate, but this was the first impression many people will remember about him.  He brought up the email scandal, but said nothing about her corruption, Benghazi, or really much else. The loaded questions made him be on defense the whole time.

Clinton sounded like a typical political robot on stage.  Saying the same buzzwords we’ve heard for the last 30+ years while nothing ever gets done.  She said she’d do “x” and “y” but never said how she’d accomplish it.  When Trump made a claim, he had to back it up tenfold.

Overall I say that neither one won.  Donald looked like a mess, and Clinton looked like she was high/crazy.  We’ll see how the next debate goes, but Trump has to unleash whatever attacks he has on her.