This quote from Benjamin Disraeli has far reaching implications.  As a man you should think about this when you’re socializing with other people.  It ties into having a strong frame and confidence, and people will understand you intent and willingness to commit to your ideals.

Never Explain

What this means to me is that no matter what actions you’ve done or words you’ve spoken, you should not have to explain them.  What I mean is, if you’ve voiced an opinion about something and someone disagrees with it, don’t back peddle and try to justify your position.  You lose power in the conversation because it looks like you don’t truly believe what you’ve said.  When you make a statement, people will criticize it and try to break it down.  Stand firm and just repeat it again.  They’ll get the idea.

Never Complain

By now you should know as a man you have to do the hard things in life.  The heavy lifting and bloody messes in life are yours.  Nothing is more annoying than a man that complains about his lot in life.  Everyone has problems and no one wants to hear yours.  I can say that 99% of the time, any situation you’re in was brought upon you by yourself.

Men shouldn’t complain about anything really, and don’t ever complain to a woman.  Their pussy dries up in an instant and she begins to see you in a negative light. You’re expected to be calm and deliver results.  Let your actions do the speaking.

Of course, if you feel you’re being taken advantage of, you need to tell someone.  Rather than complaining about having to do laundry or having to do the bullshit work, tell whoever it is you feel is wronging you that you have needs and obligations that must be respected.