Look at that photo.  To a “tolerant” person you see a modern German couple who aren’t racist, islamophobic, xenophobic in THE CURRENT YEAR who gladly opened up  their home to an oppressed refugee.  Fuck that was a hard sentence to write.  Lets really call it what it is.  A beta cuck “man” lets his empowered “womyn” make all the decisions, including letting a masculine foreign invader live in their home to fuck her.  The body language says it all.

The German man is effeminate, sitting legs crossed, and has a generally pussified, gay look to him.  The refugee sits up, dominant, close to the woman, taking command of the photo.  The woman sits open legged facing towards him with a sense of happiness and security. This is the photo that perfectly sums up why these western women are welcoming their overlords with open legs.

Beta Males

I’ll start with the men.  Most guys in the west are straight up faggots.  They walk around acting like women.  They are effeminate, weak, and never think of standing up for what they want in life.  They meander though life succumbing to the every need of their woman hoping to get a shot at her twat.  These are the typical “nice guys” who think that letting their woman do whatever they want with no repercussions will get them laid.  These men dropped the ball(s) decades ago and laid the groundwork for the shit show we’re in today. They truly make me sick.

SJW Women

Guys like I described above let women get to the point they’re at today.  Despite all the “equality” feminists like to tout, you cant fight biology.  There is a hatred for the men in their own cultures because they are a bunch of pussies.  A woman goes on the defensive when she is disgusted by her man.  She feels betrayed and this leads to her looking for the most masculine, alpha male to “fill her void.”

Simple Biology

Imagine you’re some 20 something guy from some shit hole Arab country.  All the women are covered up like ninjas and generally look like shit due to poor living conditions.  You’re transported to a first world country for free.  Then for the first time in your life you see pristine femininity on display.  Tits out, slim fit dress barely covering her ass, heels, makeup etc.  Any straight guys fantasy.

For the western woman, your whole life you’ve been surrounded by pussified faggots.  You father is most likely one too.  All the guys you come into contact with have been brainwashed into being a “good boy” and that will get them laid.  Out of nowhere comes a strong, masculine, traditional man who wont take your shit tests.  For the first time in her life a man is taking charge of things.  Her pussy is dripping in anticipation.

The Toxicity

In the above situation the woman has it all.  She has her beta boyfriend who is open to letting the invaders in, welcoming them in their homes even.  If he complains she puts him in his place and he willingly obeys.  Meanwhile, she gets the alpha cock shes always dreamed of and the muslim invader must be thinking “wait, I can come here, take these women, and the men do nothing? Jackpot!”  It will end with the woman being so disgusted by the beta fag that she kicks him to the curb to have children with Achmed.

This is how the west gets conquered.  Not with armies and bombs but with the men giving up on their own culture.  If you do not value your own culture enough to defend it, then I say you deserve to  lose it. You’ve given women all the power thinking that they’ll be loyal to you.  They are incapable any sense of honor by nature.  They don’t care if you’ve been the best man in the world, if you slip up, they’re out.  If we’re going to save our civilization, then we must man up and take it before its too late.

The next generation of boys we raise is critical.  We in the manosphere may be awoken, but we must grow our sons to reject any sense of feminism.  In my life, I hope we can get to that point, but we need as many boots on the ground as possible.


-J. Nyx