You should be dominant in every social interaction you’re in.  Whether your boss, your girlfriend, or a group of men, you must show you have balls.  In public today, I see to many “men” staring into their smartphones, walking with hunched shoulders, and being generally timid.  Today, I’ll explain some things you can do to dominate social interaction.

Posture and Eye Contact

These are the first two things you have to get comfortable with.  First, good posture and gate are attractive. It shows you have confidence and that you mean business.  If you’re walking around looking like hunchback, then  do this:

Stand with your back to a wall, feet about 10 inches away from the wall.  Press your back, and head onto the wall.  Place your palms on the wall.  This is or is close to your natural posture position.

Eye contact is the next big thing.  This at first will feel awkward. Keep eye contact with people at all times.  Everything will tell you that you should look away, and you should only do it to collect a though or tow then right back to eyes locked.  It shows people that you’re engaged with them.


Posture falls under this, but other key things need to be addressed.  When you walk into a room,  wait to get noticed. It puts the focus on you and that you’re controlling your space in the world. Also, don’t fidget or put things in front of you.   You want to have an open look to you, a look that conveys you can handle anything.


Don’t be in a race to blurt out anything that comes to mind.  You should speak in a slow enough pace that people pay attention, but no so slow that you sound retarded.  Keep your voice from trailing off too.  Project what you say from deep within you.

Avoid filler words like “um” or “like”.  In places where you’d say those just say nothing and use that time to think about your answer.  Calculate your response and only speak when what you say means something.

Also something I’ve noticed.  So many guys today speak like women.  They “uptalk” where the words get higher pitched as the sentence goes on.  Don’t do that, keep a normal pitch throughout your sentence.

These tips can help you in social interactions, but you have to keep committed to doing them.  You have to believe that you’re a dominant, alpha male and you’re going through life the way you see fit.

Side Note: I am working on my first e-book Become The Monolith: What Your Father Failed To Teach You.  I’ll be offering it up to wordpress bloggers free for review.  Should be out by late October.