I like to visit core red pill theory every now and then.  Brushing up on a skill is always a good thing and I have a recent story about a man who asked me why he failed with a woman he was perusing, and how it could have gone better.

Here is the story:

I met a girl at a mutual friends house for a get together.  We were all just having a good time, but as the night went on I started flirting with one of the women there.  She was good looking,  had a pretty good personality, and we seemed to be hitting it off.

As the party came to a close, I offered her to come back to my place.  She agreed and left the party with me.  We got to my place and it was pretty late so I told her I was going to bed soon.  I offered her to come sleep in my bed, and she accepted.

After some initial fondling I tried to take it further.  She stopped me saying “I’m not one of those girls.”  I kind of laughed it off, made a joke about it.  She was advancing too so I thought I had the green light.  I went to take her clothes off again and she stopped me.  She said “No its fucked up because if a guy fucks a girl its cool, but if a girl fucks a guy shes a slut.”  Fearing the dreaded rape accusation I just turned over and went to bed.

Okay so lets break this down.  Ultimately she must have been feeling this guy because she not only went back to his place, but jumped in bed with him.  She was all over the guy until he advanced.  After the second denial, I think he did make the right decision because we all know that sneezing on a girl and her waking up disgusted means rape these days.

It was the classic “I’m not a slut” shit test.  Its the final pillar of their hamster telling them “Make sure hes the real deal.”  If it were me in that situation I would have called her out.  I would have most likely said “Well you climbing into bed with me and being all over me tells me one thing.  If that isn’t going to happen, the couch is out there.”

That would have displayed his confidence and frame plus it would have showed that he had the balls to turn her down and not look desperate.  At the least she would have gone and slept on the couch and he’d have blue balls. At the best his display of confidence would give her the tingles. Instead he lies there next to her, with blue balls. Fuck that.

They’re constantly shit testing you.  Whether you’re trying to bang a girl you just met or in a LTR women can sense weakness a mile away.  Like I said given what he did it was most likely the best case scenario, but you don’t get to lead me on then sleep in my bed.


Side Note: I am working on my first e-book Become The Monolith: What Your Father Failed To Teach You.  I’ll be offering it up to wordpress bloggers free for review.  Should be out by late October.