Over the past three days, Hillary Clinton has called 50% of Americans Deplorable, had a seizure at the 9/11 memorial and lied saying it was pneumonia, and has literally declared a meme from 4chan as an image of white supremacy.  Her poll numbers are tanking and every day Trump looks like he has it in the bag, but we must remember that these people do not play by the rules.

Don’t Get Complacent

She is sabotaging her own campaign, but don’t think that assures a Trump victory.  Democrats are already rumored to have started the replacement process.   That, and the fact that they still have Obama running the show.  I’m not sure what dirty tricks the DNC may have up their sleeve, but one can be sure that they will do anything to try to steal the campaign.  That said, she has lost any credibility she may have had.

In my opinion she tried to use the Obama tactic.  First black guy runs for president and we’re all so “tolerant” and must elect him, despite his lack of any credentials.  She tried to do the same with “first woman president” but the US is in a far worse place now than in 08.

George W. Bush tainted republicans so bad that the average citizen would take anyone not from the GOP.  In 08 they failed with McCain, and utterly derailed completely in ’12 with Romney.  This time however, a new generation of people with conservative values has emerged and thus where we are today, but we must keep fighting.


Block Hillary’s Bailout

We haven’t even hit the debates yet and shes a lost cause.  She cant stand up on her own for a ceremony, yet thinks she can do a debate live on TV with Donald Trump?  If we win this, like the patriots of Brexit, we are opening a new chapter in our history.  Who knows what defeating the globalist agenda will do, but do yourself a favor and don’t stop supporting Trump.  Get more people converted and keep the narrative of how fucked up the Clinton’s are.

Luckily for us, Julian Assange from Wikileaks says he’s got the leaks all ready to drop on the democratic party that will crush Clinton.  Watching the Socialist/Neocon legacy die will be a real win for the US people not seen in a long time.  A Trump win will most definately echo across the globe with conservatives.   We must stay diligent though, because these people will do anything to try to keep the narrative going.