In our “safe” cushy, pussified world, many men today shudder from any sense of responsibility.  They are spineless and weak.  If it were up to the modern man to defend our species/culture, we’d be fucked.  As a man you are expected to do certain things, which builds honor, stability, and trust.

Personal Duty

These are at the core of honor.  If you cannot respect yourself, you will never get respect from anyone.  Key factors in personal duty to ones self are things like keeping active, being strong/lifting, not giving in to every vice etc.  There are baselines you shouldn’t ever go beyond.

Another facet of personal duty is to demand respect.  Don’t let anyone, man or woman disrespect you and get away with it.  Never trade your respect for anything. No amount of money, pussy, or favor can get your respect back once its lost.

Tribal Duty

First you have your family which is a tribe in itself.  If you’re a father, you have a duty to protect and advise your children.  If you are married, there are male things you must do, and female things she must do.  If you’re not a father, and an able bodied man, you should be doing the heavy lifting and inspire/help your family.

National Duty

This one is a little more lost these days.  In order for a society to function, its people need to be united.  Any great nation on earth was at its most prosperous when every citizen upheld their duty to making their country better.

Not so long ago, men had comradery towards their community and nation.  Men watched each others backs and realized that having a group of guys you could depend on made everyone safer.  Fast forward to today where speaking to your neighbor is “awkward”, where men will stab each other in the back at the chance of fucking a girl, and shitting on your homeland is all the rage, no wonder we’re rocketing towards armageddon. 

Society is in need of a reboot.  I think the US needs to stop being the police of the the world and focus on our broken society.  I have optimism that we can make that happen, but its going to take every man, woman, and child to believe in masculinity again.

Look at Russia for example.  While I don’t agree with everything they do, and many places in Russia are shit holes, the nation as a whole respects masculinity.  Natural gender specific roles still exist, and the nation as a whole is feared/respected.

We need some of that.


-J. Nyx