Men today need to realize that confidence is king when it comes to all interaction.  Women will desire you, men will respect you, and you’ll draw positive attention to yourself.  While money, and a good physique can help you must be the king of game and frame to make it.


Women do not see men the way that men see women.  They do lust over jacked guys but all in all your dominance of social interaction is the key.  Women want a man who is strong, confident, and able to protect.  Being all three of those takes dedication, a true level head, and the courage to do so.  By protect, I mean in a classical protect the tribe sense, not a white knight bitch to a pussy sense.

I realized a long time ago that 95% of the people you come into contact with these days are so terrified of social interaction that they almost make it easy to dominate a room. The truth is, a weak chump slouching in a corner, taking shit from everyone, and not having any self respect is hated by everyone.  Women dismiss you as if you’re not even there, and men don’t trust you and judge your character.

Tips To Try Now

Proper Posture: Standing up straight,  chest out and eyes forward.  Take up space and demand it.  It instantly makes you feel more confident.

Eye Contact: Look people in the eye when talking to them or even just passing them by on the street.  Only look away to collect a thought but then lock their eyes again.  Almost everyone male or female will look away first, and those who don’t are alpha/love your confidence.

Space: Don’t fidget your hands, keep them by your sides.  DO NOT START FUCKING WITH A PHONE WHILE SPEAKING TO SOMEONE! That shit is so fucking rude.  You want to give off an open setting and putting things in front of you makes you look “smalL” if you will.

Stop Smilinlg/Saying Sorry: Stop walking around smiling at everyone.  You look like a faggot and it makes people dismiss you.  Just keep a slight smirk and your eyes locked when interacting, especially with women.  Also, stop saying sorry for everything.  If you get in the way in a crowded hallway, step aside but don’t instantly apologize.

These things aren’t going to make you a alpha chad overnight, that shit has to come from within and I cant begin to tell you how to start that up, but if you start with the tips above, you’re well on your way