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September 2016

Get Out of Your Element

Getting out of the daily grind and into new, uncomfortable situations is paramount toward building yourself as a man.  Too many guys these days have all their problems, needs, and desires met for them.  The toxicity of instant gratification has lead... Continue Reading →


Lifting With Purpose

As with anything in life, a solid plan and realistic goal usually results in success.  I see too many men going into the gym without any direction, plan, or goal.  Overweight people think they need to run on the treadmill... Continue Reading →

The Debate:What a Shit Show

Last night we saw the first debate between Trump and Clinton.  You can barely call it that because it was pretty low energy, boring, and definitely had skewed questions. As a Trump supporter, I can say that he didn't do... Continue Reading →

Never Explain, Never Complain

This quote from Benjamin Disraeli has far reaching implications.  As a man you should think about this when you're socializing with other people.  It ties into having a strong frame and confidence, and people will understand you intent and willingness to... Continue Reading →

My Take on Why Western Women Welcome “Rapefugees”

Look at that photo.  To a "tolerant" person you see a modern German couple who aren't racist, islamophobic, xenophobic in THE CURRENT YEAR who gladly opened up  their home to an oppressed refugee.  Fuck that was a hard sentence to... Continue Reading →

Remaining Stoic At All Times

"Man is affected not by events, but by the view he takes of them" - Epictetus As a man you are expected to handle the dirty, bloody, grim parts of life.  A mans ability to keep his cool and think... Continue Reading →

Dominate At All Costs

You should be dominant in every social interaction you're in.  Whether your boss, your girlfriend, or a group of men, you must show you have balls.  In public today, I see to many "men" staring into their smartphones, walking with... Continue Reading →

Passing Shit Tests: A Review

I like to visit core red pill theory every now and then.  Brushing up on a skill is always a good thing and I have a recent story about a man who asked me why he failed with a woman... Continue Reading →

Hillary’s Horrible Weekend: How Hillary Clinton Has Completely Lost Her Mind

Over the past three days, Hillary Clinton has called 50% of Americans Deplorable, had a seizure at the 9/11 memorial and lied saying it was pneumonia, and has literally declared a meme from 4chan as an image of white supremacy.  Her... Continue Reading →

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