If you hit the weights hard you need to eat to build muscle.  A lost of the stuff you read online seems to be targeted to very lean guys, weak guys looking to pack on muscle.  Some of us are either fat, or used to be fat and are now “average” (aka skinnyfat) and the idea of “just bulk bro” doesn’t align with our brain.  I’ll offer what I did to finally get past my fear of eating.

Tale of a Former Fat Kid

As child I ate like shit and got fat.  My family didn’t value nutrition or even exercise.  As a teen, I decided enough was enough and I started doing cardio and eating only twice a day.  I dropped the pounds but now I was a 6’1″ 165lb weakling.  I valued this over being strong or big.

Fast forward to now, I’m in my late 20s and I want to get stronger and bigger.  I built a nice home gym and start a real lifting program.  6 months go by and I made barely any gains.  The culprit?  Eating like a bitch.

Everyone knows to build muscle you have to eat,  and eat a lot. My former fat kid hamster told me that if I ate at or above maintenance I’d blow up to the size of a house again.  This is something I struggled with for a long time, and I think a lot of former fat kids who want to get fit struggle with this. I would lift, not make any gains because no fuel for muscle growth, and I’d give up on lifting.   I finally got serious about wanting to gain size and I decided I’d try out eating to gain muscle.  I’ve never looked back since.

The truth is, you will gain fat if you’re bulking.  To all you fat fucks that got thin, you know that if you’re strict and disciplined, you can drop the fat.  If you want to gain mass, you must eat and some of that mass will be fat.  A lean bulk of maybe 200-400 cals above maintenance wont pack on too much fat and if you’re not making gains, then you have to up your intake until you are.   The fat will come, but when its time to cut, you want to have solid muscle under that flab and not just shrink into a skinny weak loser all over again.

Also, if you’re severely overweight, you should be working to drop the weight.  If you’re anywhere over 30lbs overweight, you need to keep dropping until you reach a healthy bodyfat percentage.

The Result

I’m not saying that you should be eating a large pizza a day or three chicken sandwiches from McD.  That is unhealthy and you’ll never hit your macros and gain a shit ton of fat.  If you’re getting your .8 to 1g of protein per pound of lean body weight per day, hitting your calorie goal, and getting your nutrition from healthy, unprocessed sources, you’ll find that you can gain muscle and minimal fat and look and feel better.

For me, yes I’ve gained a bit of fat on my midsection, but my chest, shoulders, arms, and back are at the biggest I’ve been in my life.  I had to let go of the stupid fears of gaining weight because I truly want to be strong.  My lifts keep going up, I am getting bigger and I’m finally on my way to my goal.  I don’t seek it, but family and coworkers have commented on “wow you’re looking bigger man” which feelsgoodman.

If you’re trying to bulk up for aesthetics, just go on a cut after you’re done you’re bulk.  Cut your calories to a little bit below your maintenance and you’ll start dropping fat.  You have to have your goals defined and stick to them.  If you’re gaining too much fat, cut back on some of the calories.  This shit isnt that hard if you really think about it.  If you want to grow, eat more food, if you want to slim down, eat less.  Just keep lifting heavy.