We are all fucked if Hillary Clinton gets the presidency.  If you thought eight years of Obama was bad, you wont even recognize the US if she wins.  Today, I’ll offer what I think will happen if we let this succubus into the White House.

Gender War

Remember race relations before Obama?  I’m not saying we were all dancing in the streets but I remember a time when the police would shoot a black criminal and that would be it.  No riots, no looting, just  a “meh” from everyone.   Hillary will do to gender what Obama did to race.  Expect more laws getting passed to cripple men financial and socially.

White men will be the number 1 target if she becomes president.  The propaganda in the media will brainwash people worse than they already are to hate white men.  I expect women to accuse a man of rape just for looking at them in public.  Shit is going to be bad.

Extreme Gun Laws

I don’t think they’ll ever repeal the 2nd amendment, but I do think they’ll find ways to make it even harder to get a gun.  I fully expect them to deny you a right to a firearm for something as little as a speeding ticket.  I also think they’re going to try to impose caps and quotas on how much ammo you can have.  Stock up now.

Foreign Invaders

I expect thousands of rapefugees to flood the country.  The left only hates white men, and openly welcomes Islamic men.  Not only rapefugees, but all of the islamic ties that Hillary and Obama have been working on will have free reign of our economy, military, and society.

Complete Chaos

The left want nothing more than chaos.  They thrive on chaos because they want to strip away more rights and blame the attack on guns/immigration/racism etc.  This country will grind to a halt and implode if she gets in.

I truly expect a civil war 2.0 if Trump loses.  I think huge chunks of rural areas will form strongholds while the country collapses.   The cities will burn, and there will be nothing recognizable left in the US after they destroy it from within.


If you have any conscience and value your life at all in this country, vote for Trump.