“We’re in greater danger today than we were the day after Pearl Harbor. Our military is absolutely incapable of defending this country”-Ronald Reagan

I honestly believe that our world is in a fucked up back swing.  From the dawn of man we’ve done nothing but arguably make things easier for humans to survive and advance ones own tribe over another.  From the jungles of Africa, to the Crusades, to World War II, every player in the game wanted to defeat an enemy, or die trying to.  There was a sense of honor to preserve ones nation, state, community, tribe, and family.  This paradigm existed forever because it made sure that you got to pass your genes on.  Today, in another facet of the bizarro world we live in, we are moving backwards.

Shitting On Your History

The leftist narrative is truly out to destroy western civilization.  They’ve already destroyed the person by making victims out of anyone who doesn’t fit their world view and demonizing anyone who is white and male.  They’ve destroyed the family by making men irrelevant and telling women that they’re being oppressed to be nothing more than baby machines.  Now they’re after the great nations of the west.

The left has given women all the power, so they raise boys into beta, weak, hipster little bitches.  These same “mothers” instill this garbage mentality on their daughters.  What happened is we have a generation of “men” who are whiny, bitchy, and weak while their women claim they’re a “victim” despite holding all the power. When you have a country full of pussy, limp wristed faggots as “men” and bitchy immoral “women”, its the perfect scenario for invasion.

Give me your radical, your hostile, your extreme

The final strategy is to eradicate all traces of European culture on Earth.  As we’ve seen, countries like Germany and France are being reverse colonized.  These “rapefugees” are not sailing to these countries on warships or invading with tanks.  The left doesn’t need military or brute force.  Their weapon is brainwashing and propaganda.  They get into power and then destroy any sense of national pride in order to get the people that live there to hate themselves and allow the hordes in.   Colonization in reverse, as the greater of two cultures openly allows the savages in to pillage their cities and rape their women.  The kings and conquerors of history are rolling over in their graves.

The women, aka the keepers of the genes, are encouraged to procreate with these vermin.  They see these “strong, masculine men” and it gets their tingles going because they’re used to the bitchy faggots their country has to offer. The “men” are so effeminate and soft that they don’t dare try to say or do anything to stop it for fear of backlash from their own people or attacks by the invaders. Now that these hordes are running around raping and terrorizing these once great European nations, the women are looking to men to protect them.  Too bad you destroyed any hope of having strong, nationalistic men to protect you, hope you like your new burka and sharia laws.

All is not lost though as Eastern European countries know the horrors of islam and have been defending against them.  It should be noted, that these countries still value masculinity and its purpose in society.  Big surprise on that one.

America is Next

We are next on the chopping block as we are still a predominately white, European heritage majority nation. We may have a shot in the US if Trump wins, but its going to need more than one man to fix all this.  WE as men need to rise up to the threat at our doorstep and crashing into our shores.  WE need to stop being such pussies and realize that the fate of our nation is at stake.  If we are to fail, I will die trying to save what I believe in.