All women are victims of hypergamy, the desire to “trade up” their guy at a moments notice.  If you’re trying to build a family or even just have a long term relationship, you have to check all the boxes that women constantly scrutinize in men.  You should already be doing this for yourself, but you have to understand that you must dominate every aspect of interaction with a woman.

Get Your Own Shit Together

Before you can begin to interact with anyone else, you have to get yourself on point. A true leader is confident, strong, and controls his life the way he sees fit.  No true alpha man can let someone break his frame. The truth is, even when interacting with women, you have to want to be all of these things for yourself first.  Running around chasing a vagina is about he most beta thing a guy can do.

The Plan

There isn’t some magic bullet to make a women get the tingles for you.  The truth is, you must always be the rock for a woman.  When shit gets crazy, she looks to you.  When things are daunting, she looks to you.  When you fuck up, she will be the first to notice.  You have to really own your shit to be an alpha, and all women want the most alpha they can get.

She must know you have needs as a man, and you know she has needs as a woman.  A man must desire respect over “love”.  She should want to make you dinner, fuck you, and take care of your children because you are a successful, determined, protector and provider.  Not a provider in the beta bux sense, but more in the sense of that you are the king of the castle and shes the queen.

The Benefits

When you cross all your T’s and dot all your I’s something changes.  First, your sense of accomplishment and success is the best high ever.  When you’re confident and successful, everyone notices you.  If you have a gf/wife she lusts for you the way a man does.  If you’re just looking to bang chicks, they’ll basically throw themselves at you.

In my opinion, sex for women is 70% mental, 30% physical.  Its the opposite for men, but when you get your woman so turned on that she can not stand another minute without fucking you; you’ve won her over.

The key here is you, not them.

-J. Nyx