In the process of taking yourself to the next level, you will run into opposition.  Interestingly enough, most of those people will be the ones closest to you.  In order to be real with yourself, you have to stick to your core beliefs, and if you’re 100% real, you’re going to make people uncomfortable.

When you tell someone you’re eating right and going to the gym, they come up with reasons why they don’t need to work out or eat correctly.  When someone finds out you are not going to just coddle them and you tell them they’re being a bitch/pussy/loser they don’t like it.  I’ve had many friends tell me I was being a dick to them just because I didn’t agree with their point of view. We live in this world where everyone is so afraid of hurting someones feelings that we dance around subjects and essentially walk on egg shells.

The truth is, that you will be forced at some point to trim the herd.  I had to alienate many of my loser beta friends when I decided that I wanted to be more in life.  You see who is real and loyal when you stop spinning your wheels and start making shit happen.  The guys that push you to be better or at least bring something of value to the table are the ones you want to be around.

I have a core group of guys that I trust and depend on.  They all are hard working, successful men, and we all inspire each other to be more.  If one of us tries to hamster a bullshit point of view, he is called out immediately.  There exists a forum within our group where no word is taboo and a man will be called out for weakness.  No man is disrespected, as its more of a sense of duty to your friend than a personal attack.

The path to Becoming The Monolith is 100% up to you as the individual, but we are social creatures and you must ensure at every level that you’re laying the stones to becoming unstoppable.