Various Vices

I truly believe everyone has one thing that they do that isn’t good for them.  Some of the most intelligent people I’ve met had dirty or downright disgusting habits.  Some vices can be good here and there, but as a man you want to limit the amount of time you waste with them.  Today, I’ll list the less obvious ones which you should really consider stopping.


Want to know why you’re always in that hyped up mood unable to focus?  Part of it could be your porn consumption.  Porn is degenerate and no matter how many people do it, it really fucks with your brain.  You see this in men who start out watching “normal” porn but then its not enough and it keeps getting into weirder and weirder shit. I also believe that porn may be to blame for this whole cuckold fetish, as you have a generation of men who grew up watching other men fuck women they think are hot.  This shit is toxic.  I’m not against masturbation in general, but do it without the smut.

Binge Drinking

Alcohol should be used as a social tool.  Use it to take the edge off and keep your self in a good mood, but don’t go getting shitfaced in public.  A drunk man is a 180lb child that need his fucking hand held.  Hold your liquor like a man.  I have actually cut down on my alcohol consumption because it was affecting my weight training.  I only indulge casually anymore.

Video Games

While not as bad as others, guys put way too much emphasis on playing video games.  I knew  a guy whose girlfriend would be begging to fuck and he just sat there playing call of duty.  The fact is, you should be out experiencing the world around you, not the one on your screen.

Pop Culture Shit

A man walking around in a Superman T shirt looks childish and retarded.  When you have serious debates about Star Wars or anime you need to get your head checked.  None of that shit matters.  You’re a grown fucking man, and you’re acting like a little kid.  Knock that shit off.

Social Media/Web Surfing

Kind of ironic for me to say this on a blog but social media is for weak ass people.  If you need people online telling you how awesome you are, then you probably haven’t achieved much in life.  Not only that, but these pocket computers have made the world so fucking socially inept that you see people with their face in their phone more than face to face.

Moderation is Key

As I said everyone has vices,  but it is imperative that you keep it in check.  A night of drinking with your buddies isn’t going to kill you, nor is playing an hour of Fallout 4.  You have to realize that when you choose to indulge, you’re neglecting something that is probably better for you. If you slip up, accept it, and move on.  Don’t fall into the trap of indulging in a vice, then feeling like shit about it, only to indulge some more.  That is addiction.

When getting over a vice I have I like to replace it with something positive.  Instead of surfing the web, I’ll read for an hour.  Instead of playing 4 hours on Xbox, I’ll go for a run.  Instead of watching porn, I’ll study.  The key is to enforce positive behaviors, and limit the negative ones.


-J. Nyx