This clown, former CIA office Evan McMullin is the new NeverTrump poster boy.  Apparently he is a “Independent Conservative” who is joining the race against Trump.  Think about that, not to win the presidency, but to challenge Trump.  What this means is that the establishment is doing anything they can to skew the voters and the votes in this election, because it has dire consequences.


This McMullin (McMuffin) has no chance of even getting on a Stein/Johnson level of votes but hes not here to win.  Obama stated, when asked about vote shilling last week, responded with “If Mr. Trump is up 10 or 15 points on Election Day, and then loses, then I think maybe he can raise some questions” So to me, that says that they’re trying to chip away at any lead Trump may have so that their shilling isn’t so obvious. Their magic number seems to be less than 10%.

This guy is just more proof that the elite, globalist, ultra rich are the same on both sides of the political spectrum.  I personally think Trump has the support of the people and Hillary/McMuffin are being backed by the elite.  I think this guy coming in so late in the game is so that cuckservatives like the Bush family can “save face” by voting for a “real republican.”

All We Can Do Is Try

Many believe that the west is doomed if Hillary becomes president, myself included.  I think we’er destined for Merkel’s Germany 2.0.  I fully believe that she’ll import radical islamic terrorists by the thousands, let anyone in this country for free, abolish the 2nd amendment, and fully declare war on traditional values and men.  She’ll change things for women the way Obama did for blacks.  Simply being a white man will be even more demonized.

They’re going to lie, they’re going to cheat, and they’re going to play as dirty as possible, but there is hope.  Everyone refers to Brexit as a win for nationalism and people against the tyranny of globalism.  They took back their country, and despite what MSM says to you, everyone can agree that outside influence on British life wasn’t helping them.

I think the establishment is terrified of a man like Trump becoming the president.  He breaks their chain of billionaire candidates who only look out for their investors.  Hillary cares more about owning up to her Saudi overlords than the life of any American.  I truly believe if we can get Trump in to break the cycle, we’re going to put America back on the path that got skewed by socialist/globalist influence over 80 years ago.

Fuck the polls, fuck whatever they push in the media,  fuck whatever bozo they try to push, if you value liberty and our way of life, you must vote Trump.