One thing that all men need to let go of is the notion that a woman is capable of loving you.  Love in the sense that you’re seeking does not exist, so stop chasing it.  The greatest thing you can ever get a woman to give you is not love, but respect.

Rewire Your Brain

Men today have a fucked up view on how to view relationships with women.  I blame media, feminism, and society but I wont get into that today.  Guys today are searching for that Disney, schoolteacher taught, knight in shining armor bullshit that was force fed to us for decades.  By simply doing whatever benefited a woman, that you’d be instantly rewarded with unconditional love.  This is the birth of the beta male.  He does everything to please women, then feels wronged or broken when they don’t respond or give a shit.  Hes an angry little man who feels like the world owes him something because of how nice he is.  You’re looking for a mother, not a mate.  Your mom, if she was there probably made a fuss over every shitty thing you did and rewarded you with it, but that isn’t how a relationship works.

You have to realize that women if capable, only have unconditional love for their children.  Men tend to have an unconditional love for women.  It makes sense in a tribal point of view.  Tribes need women to advance the species, and women need to nurse/raise children.  Therefore it breaks down that the men all fought to defend the women who were important enough to protect.

Today, we don’t have a need for that.  While society tells you to worship women and they can do no wrong, you have to accept that its complete bullshit and they can and are some of the most degenerate people on earth.  Most have no honor system and will latch on to anything that makes them better for the moment, only to toss it aside when its no longer useful.

I like to use a story to explain things.  A group of men are working on a job building a house. One guy who is usually a great worker fucks something up.  Now, most men based on the severity will look into this guys past and say “Okay, well you fucked it up and owned up to it, don’t do it again”

Women will let you build the house, then once its built, take it from you to move a guy in who she respects more, if you let her. They’re always trying to trade up. Despite this negative but truthful view, there is a way to feel something from a woman that isn’t sexual, but gives you a bit of a high.


Now, you shouldn’t validate yourself though other people, but there are things people say or do that indicate you’re a dominant, bad motherfucker.  A man should look to be respected by women.

Respect comes in many forms, but generally I like to say that a woman that respects her man knows that he is not to be fucked with.  She knows that he does what he has to to make himself great, and that in turn makes her “love” him.  I say that because its what a woman means when she says she loves you.  Its “I respect you so much right now” and it is a finite thing.  If you ever lose frame, a woman will notice instantly.

If you’re the guy a woman comes to in a crisis and you handle shit without throwing a fit, she respects you.   If she lets you control when you have sex and never turns you down, she respects you. If she values making sure you have a good dinner and raising your children, she respects you. If you don’t fail her shit tests, despite all else, she’ll respect you.

Stop caring so much about how she feels and more about how she responds to you.  Does she constantly bitch at you?  Does she make you the but of the joke in public?  Does she flake when you guys have plans?  Then she doesn’t respect you.

The way to get there is to be a master of yourself.  Take care of your health, make money, and be confident at all times.  A guy who never loses his frame earns the respect of everyone around him.

You may alienate a woman when you decide that you wont take shit from anyone anymore, but you’ll gain tenfold.