The role of the father has been all but eradicated in the west.  Feminism, liberalism, and two generations of weak men have pushed the role of the father to the backseat.  From the dinner table to the TV screen the role of dad has become a bumbling idiot who wouldn’t have shit if not for his “strong, independent womyn” of a wife.  Male roles in the west are and have been painted as “evil” and “archaic” to push the agenda of creating a weak, limp wristed bunch of faggots who care more about hair products than self defense.  In order to fix this brainwashing, men need to wake the fuck up and rebuild traditional families.

What Went Wrong

The left have demonized men for decades. Starting with 2nd wave feminism, it corrupted the minds of the populous.  Women were then starting to think things like knowing how to cook and raise children were “beneath them” and they didn’t need a man in their lives.

They had children though with all the burnouts and bitch boys who were drinking the same kool aid as their female counterparts.  You’re left with a generation of boys who didn’t who always viewed men as evil and wanted nothing to do with being masculine because everything they learned about it was from women.

Tale of Two Sons

I will share a personal account, it has to do with my life.  My parents divorced when my father impregnated another woman he was having an affair with.  Broke up my family but it is what it is.  I was 6 at the time, my younger brother 4.

Through the years I was raised by my mother and was destoned to become the “nu-male” faggot we see today.  That all changed at 13.  I decided to work with my Father doing construction.  I was surrounded by hard working, masculine men.  I learned so much about how to be a man back then that it shook any pussification clear from my bones.

You learn how men think, act, and should carry themselves.  It honestly saved me.  I looked past the break up of my family for the bigger message, and that was learning how to be a man, from a man.

Today I am a successful guy with a good looking, traditional wife who loves rasing our children.

My brother didn’t budge.  He resented my father and still resents all men.  He was raised by my grandmother and mother and you can see hes truly lacking something.  Hes loud and outlandish to cover up his insecurities.  He will lie, cheat, and deceive just for a piece of pussy.  He puts women on an untouchable pedestal and wont even let his girlfriend watch a movie with a guy that makes him feel uncomfortable about the way he looks.  He acts like a teenage girl. He portrays masculinity the way a woman would.  He has to be told all the time how great he is and “fakes” being tough.  I tried to help him but I think hes lost.

Take Away

In the tale about we had two boys who reached two totally different outcomes.  The truth is, that in order to build strong men, we must step up and be strong fathers.  You have to show your sons that you are a strong, successful guy who doesn’t take shit from anyone.

Just being there isn’t enough either.  Transient men who succumb to their wife is worse than a guy who isn’t there at all.  It shows them that you must bow down to women.

Boys need a strong man who has a woman who respects him to show them how to be in this world.

If we’re going to fix society, we have to start at home guys.