2977 American Flags planted along Lois B. DeFleur Walkway betwee

The American identity is all but dead in the 21st century.  Corrupt politics and a dismantling of our core beliefs has spun this country from number one towards absolute failure.  The left loves to push the idea that we should always hang our heads in guilt and that every other nation is better than ours.  They want the greatest country in the history of the world to be a socialist dystopia.  What we need now is nationalism if we’re to save this country from the hordes.

It’s Not Nazism

The idea that if you’re a nationalist you are a Hitler praising skinhead needs to be put to bed.  To want to protect your home land is a fundamental trait of a healthy society.  The globalist governments love to spin nationalists as Nazis because it goes against their agenda.  A nation of men who are bound by the duty to protect their home and beliefs are and always were, the greatest threat to tyranny.

I honestly think it would help our society tremendously.  The men of today have no purpose in life because of liberal brainwashing.  The effeminate male of today is a weak, pseudo-woman that is too afraid to laugh at a mildly sexist joke because of his male/white guilt.

Nationalism is masculine at its core.  Its that calling to stand up to the invaders and fight until death to protect your way of life.


To prove my point, look at Russia.  Literally the biggest Socialist country in history.  After the fall of the USSR, Russia redesigned itself.  It became super nationalist.  They have a leader that doesn’t take shit from anyone, embrace traditional male/female roles, and have a society that shuns weakness.

Look at the US today.  We have women doing all the thinking, men too pussified to do anything other than jerk off and play video games all day, rampant sexual deviancy, embracing of every other culture and an open border.  I never thought the US would be more socialist than the USSR nor Russia more nationalist than the US.

We Must Defeat Liberalism

The liberal is the cancer of our society.  We are on the brink of Western civilization breaking down and plunging us into the techocratic dark ages.  As a traditional man, I can not simply bend the knee to socialism and let my country be taken over by radical islamic terrorists, gays and the left.

I truly hope that the American population wakes up and sees the horrors at our doorstep.  Just as Cicero realized that he did his best to push for to preserve his country as it was dying, I to will fight to defend my way of life, even if that is in vain, it is at least honorable. Something this world wants to destroy.