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August 2016

Quit Eating Like A Bitch

If you hit the weights hard you need to eat to build muscle.  A lost of the stuff you read online seems to be targeted to very lean guys, weak guys looking to pack on muscle.  Some of us are... Continue Reading →


The Future If Hillary is Elected

We are all fucked if Hillary Clinton gets the presidency.  If you thought eight years of Obama was bad, you wont even recognize the US if she wins.  Today, I'll offer what I think will happen if we let this... Continue Reading →

Dealing With Failure

Whether failing a rep at the gym, not completing a project on time, or being too much of a pussy to get a girl's phone number, failure is a part of life.  All men fail at some point and you... Continue Reading →

Reverse Colonization

"We're in greater danger today than we were the day after Pearl Harbor. Our military is absolutely incapable of defending this country"-Ronald Reagan I honestly believe that our world is in a fucked up back swing.  From the dawn of... Continue Reading →

You Must Dominate Her

All women are victims of hypergamy, the desire to "trade up" their guy at a moments notice.  If you're trying to build a family or even just have a long term relationship, you have to check all the boxes that... Continue Reading →

Trimming The Herd

In the process of taking yourself to the next level, you will run into opposition.  Interestingly enough, most of those people will be the ones closest to you.  In order to be real with yourself, you have to stick to... Continue Reading →

Vices That Are Holding You Back

I truly believe everyone has one thing that they do that isn't good for them.  Some of the most intelligent people I've met had dirty or downright disgusting habits.  Some vices can be good here and there, but as a... Continue Reading →

Cucks are Stacking The Deck

This clown, former CIA office Evan McMullin is the new NeverTrump poster boy.  Apparently he is a "Independent Conservative" who is joining the race against Trump.  Think about that, not to win the presidency, but to challenge Trump.  What this... Continue Reading →

Chase Respect, Not Love

One thing that all men need to let go of is the notion that a woman is capable of loving you.  Love in the sense that you're seeking does not exist, so stop chasing it.  The greatest thing you can... Continue Reading →

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