I hear countless stories about men and young guys who feel lost and don’t know how to “feel like a man.”  They walk around as perpetual boys who dress like they’re 12, sound like pussies, and act like morons.  They’re obsessed with media and technology, but there is one trait they hide and that is the fact that they’re miserable inside.  They let their women, TV, and government tell them how a man should act and think.  You guys really need to wake up, and today we’ll talk about how to do that.

Back To Basics

People who read this blog may not need this, but a referesher on the core concepts cant hurt.  As a man your duty is to be a leader.  You get all the benefits and burdens of that. All men at their core want to be a confident, good looking, successful guy.  They may poke fun at a jacked dude or belittle a mans success, but they truly deep down want it.

The problem comes in when they dont want to do anything to achieve it.  Men truly act like women.  They buy all the cosmetics in “manly” scents.  They dress like children or in the most feminine way possible. They have no senses of honor and put women above their own needs. They are uptalking, bitches and are pretty much useless to women and fellow men.


I dont blame these guys, they’ve been force fed this shit for decades.  They were told to rebel against “the man.”  They emulated drug addicts and burnouts and being “cool” meant not giving a shit about your duties as a man.

They were told that a woman must be worshiped and her word is infallible.  Their pussy fathers gave in to all the hype too and today we have women who act like men, and men who act like women.

I think people are starting to realize that all of this feminist/socialist brainwashing is toxic and we’ve had enough.  Society has no hope if men do not wake the fuck up.

The Steps To Take

First, you must reject this modern “manly” bullshit you see everywhere. Anyone who has to define themselves to others truly lacks whatever trait they’re trying to sell you.  Shaving with a straight razor and buying “campfire” scented soap to fill your need as a “man” is downright pathetic.

You have to conquer yourself first.  You have to realize that your life is going to be hard, and you have to never break down. You have to find inner confidence.  Put your needs and wants out there and don’t let anyone take them from you.  Its okay to think a girls tits look nice in a tight shirt, fuck its normal!  Its okay to tell  a girl you wont put up with her shit when shes giving you a shit test.  Stop endlessly chasing women and going from one toxic relationship to another.

A true alpha male lives on his own terms.  He never breaks frame and wont put up with anything that undermines baseline he has set for himself.  People will notice a confident, successful man, and things just start working the way you want, not the way others tell you to be like.

Its the only option, either man up and accept that you’re going to not take shit from the world and live a life of success, or act like a bitch and lead a life of misery.