Today the Republican party in the US is not the one you think you know.  Sure you have your bible thumpers, good ol’ boys, Neo-cons, aka the Bush’s and McCains, but there is a new sector of the right that has been gaining serious traction all the way to the GOP candidate.

The Alt-Right

That is the name given to these people.  They seem to have come out just for the Trump campaign, but I think that he is just the first voice these people have had.  These people tend to be on the younger side but in more instances they tend to “millennials”.  They’re opposed to radical Islamic terror, open borders, and gun restrictions, all very conservative views, but other social views don’t seem to matter as much.  Most alt-right truly just want America to be a place where people live in unity, but are also loyal to their country.  I’ve noticed that the mainstream Alt-Right places online tend to have people of all ages, sexes, races and backgrounds.  It truly seems like a last fight for the west.

A pattern emerges

In my opinion this the opposite of what happened in the 60s.  The then largest generation of people were at prime voting age in the 60s.  These boomers took the leftist, socialist bait and totally fucked the country.   They were tired of the “traditional lifestyle” and pushed feminism and degeneracy.

This has been going on for so long and now the millennials are the largest voting group.  I think that while most of them, including myself were bombarded with socialist, leftist propaganda and brainwashing, we’re all right around age 30 now.  We have families and homes. We have steady careers.  All of these things are in great contrast with liberalism.

A 30 year old man with a family most certainly wants a gun to protect his home.  A guy who busts his ass all day for his money shouldn’t support leeches on welfare.  The truth of the matter is that as we round this stage of life, socialism doesn’t seem to align with us anymore.

Its Not All Guns Blazing

I’m aware that many men today are still under the brainwashing of the left.  They are you’re typical self hating, beta, SJW types, but that isn’t who we talk about around her, and not all Alt-Right people are millennials, but the pattern is pretty uncanny.  Even your typical Neo-Con voiced their opinions on Trump, and not all of them are positive. (See Cryin Ted)  The voting rift seems to be on the other side too.

Bernie Sanders had the cult like following that Trump has, and not too many of them are happy that their “grassroots” candidate took the bait from the elite.  I despise what Bernie stands for, but he seemed like he truly believed what he was toting.  Guess that was all a lie anyway.

Trump isn’t going to fix every problem in America.  He isn’t some prophet like figure for the US.  What he is to me is a candidate that truly seems to give a fuck about America instead of everyone else.  Given the state of the world today, I think the US needs a strong leader to get us through this bullshit. We need to show the world that we’re not fucking around anymore and taking it like Barack Hussein Obama, and if you think hes bad, Hillary will be a nightmare for this country.  She’ll be the Merkel of America.