breakthrough-fist-wall-23500364_ml-610x300As men, we have to be strong at all times, and at all times someone is trying to test you.  The world doesn’t give a shit about you and wants you to fail.  Your girlfriend gives you shit. Your boss tests you.  Society has stacked the deck against you, but there is a way out, you must embrace the struggle.

Men Are Problem Solvers

There is a reason why people seek out the best guy for the job.  We are designed to fight the elements against all odds.  We were the ones venturing out to kill beasts to feed the tribe.  We were the ones going into battle to protect our nations.  The men of yore knew that they had to be the strongest, smartest and most capable to survive.

Today everyone wants it easy.  In my article Instant Gratification Is Toxic , I wrote about how we’re so conditioned to want everything instantly.   People don’t want to do things that are hard because its not “fun”.  A man is not here to have fun, hes here to do shit.

The Strategy

I’ll use my own experience.  I have 3 children, work full time, weight train, and take care of things around my home.  I was feeling a bit stressed out about it as is normal.  My diet suffered, I skipped work outs, and even started socially smoking again after 4 smokeless years.  The more I did these shitty, beta, activities the worse I felt.  Then one day I decided it was enough.

I decided to cut out all negativity from my life.  If it wasn’t making it better, it had to be dropped.  I told myself that I am a man, so in order to get the benefits of that, I had to endure the struggle.  I cut out all the shitty food, smoking, and stayed committed to my goals.  You know when you’re fucking up, and the ball is in your court.  If you don’t make the play, someone who is a little better, stronger, or faster will and you’ll be left in the shadows.

I don’t give a shit if you want to get up at 5 am and lift.  I don’t give a shit if you’re too tired to study for school or to advance your career.  I don’t give a shit if you’re too fucking timid to talk to a girl you want to.  You have to do things that make you uncomfortable.

Why It Works

For me, I get a high from pushing myself into an uncomfortable situation.  When i get my training in, it boosts my mood and I feel super productive all day.  Getting projects done and getting studying in.  Positive behavior only breeds more positive behavior.

I read somewhere before that “Action and laziness are like two dogs.  Whichever one you decide to feed becomes bigger, while the other becomes more frail”  A man of action always gets the gold.  When you’re lazy, timid, and weak, you’re forgotten and blend into the grey pulp of society.

Kill  the weakness, Get your shit together and start doing something.  Even if you fail, you’re actually winning by gaining knowledge of how to do better next time.  Just keep pushing for that goal and you’ll make it.


-J. Nyx