Here at Becoming The Monolith, weakness and cowardice are shunned and outright mocked.  An honorable man knows when he has been beaten by a better competitor.  Rather than try to outright steal that mans spotlight, you should internalize why you lost, man up and vow to destroy them in the future.

Cryin’ Ted

Last night at the Republican National Convention, Ted Cruz gave a speech reminiscent of the old school, corrupt neo-cons.  While he had some valid points, and the speech wasn’t too bad, his contempt to endorse the candidate the people and the party have chosen as their candidate.  He got up on the podium and spoke about foreign threats, Jesus, and to “use your conscience when at the polls”

Not once did he endorse Trump and he was met with boos and backlash.  We all know how ruthless Trump had been in the primaries.  Giving people the names of: Little Marco, One State Kasich, and Crazy Bernie.  While I think these tactics are a bit immature, at least Trump isn’t afraid to speak publicly what he honestly feels.  Marco Rubio manned up and realized that he lost to Trump, and in the interest of the Republican party, endorsed Trump.

Cruz is the old GOP.  He only gives a shit about himself.  Gone are the days of the Bush/Bush/McCain/Romney republican.  Cruz is closer to Hillary in my opinion because hes bought and sold.  In a speech earlier, he was all but belittling the republican candidate.  You could see at both speeches that Cruz could not handle the fact that he lost to someone better.  In classic blue pill fashion, he got on the stage and basically tried to steal the show from Trump. It was painful to watch a man basically bitch and cry in front of the whole nation.  In any other time in history, I wouldn’t care, but this election is crucial and inter-party upheaval will guarantee the White House to the left. 

The Beta Within

This is a classic Beta male tactic.  Instead of seeing a strong, alpha male and wanting to aspire to be like him, or at the very least, attain the power he has, they bitch and complain.  They belittle the success of the winner.  This is the state of things in the US these days.

It used to be that when you were the best, people recognized that you beat all odds and won on your own two feet.  Today, we celebrate mediocrity while shunning greatness.  It is easier to sit in a pool of whiny, beta, bitch boys and say “look at that tool” while the guy they’re describing doesn’t even give a fuck.  These types give more shits about a alpha male than a third rate slut.

The truth is, I understand why Cruz did what he did.  He worked his whole life to get to run for President, but lost to a guy who never held office before.  It would be like a career track runner who always made 2nd place losing to someone in their first race.

Yet, what does that say about him in the first place?  I am a firm believer that the best person for the job should get it.  Now, Donald Trump may not be the greatest candidate, but I think hes exactly what the United States needs right now.  A president who puts America first and doesn’t push the agenda of the ultra elite.