Just like water, a man who is stagnant breeds disease and becomes toxic.  You must keep moving in order to have purpose, achieve goals, and make your life worth living.  A man who spins his wheels cannot be trusted because he chooses to take no responsibility for his lot in life and usually blames others.

This is a hot topic these days as RooshV posted a great article on Return of Kings titled “It’s Time To Make Men Strong Again.”  He says “If you want to become masculine, you must continually expose yourself to challenging situations and endure them in order to build strength.”  Hes right and that is the core of what I’m trying to say here.  You have to push beyond your own comfort zone and really beat the hell out of yourself to learn and become stronger.  So many men choose to just sit around, day in and day out, doing literally nothing with their lives.  These guys have never fired a rifle, never hiked a mountain, and rely on the microcosm of the city or government to give them everything. They fear failure and judgement so much that they do nothing.  It makes me sick and I have no time for these guys.

As I stated, these guys tend to blame others for their problems. I just listened to a another great podcast by Quintus Curtius from his blog at Fortress of the Mind.  Without giving up too much (go fucking listen to it) a guy writes to Quintus saying hes a procrastinator.  Quintus tells this guy that he already covered this and the guy still complains when there is a laid out plan towards fixing this guys problem.  This is a trait many stagnant men possess.  They refuse to accept that there is one, hard, in your face way to be successful and a bad motherfucker.  It sucks, it takes time, and it isn’t easy but you have to do it. I tell my son “Anything worth doing wont be easy”  and if it were, then everyone would do it.

Get off your ass and do something.  Don’t whine and bitch about, don’t think about failing or succeeding just fucking do it.  Nothing positive that I’ve ever done was met with me thinking “Wow I’m glad I waited so long to get into this.”  The guy who mustered up the balls to try is always better than the pussy who played it safe.