Every morning, whether well rested or tired, hungry or full, sick or healthy, I train.  It is an automatic response to want to lift the second I open my eyes.  While doing the routine, I’m sweating, panting, and pushing myself to the limit.  I truly feel what it is to be alive.  I’ll explain how I got here and the not so obvious benefits I’ve found from weight training, and how you can make training as easy as breathing air.

Path To Strength

For too long I was a fat kid growing up.  I said enough and did crazy amounts of cardio and ate like a rabbit in my teens.  I was tall and lanky for so long.  I was never really into any sports other than skateboarding/bmx as a kid (late 90s/early 00s)

In my late 20s now with a family I finally decided that I was going to start weight training.  Went to big box gyms and just fucked around for so long (No I didn’t curl in the squat rack, because a certain purple and yellow gym doesn’t have them at all.)

With obligations and time to meet them becoming more scarce, I decided to go all in and start building my home gym.  I could train whenever I wanted and never had to share the equipment.  But I barely used it.  I never set a time to lift, never followed a routine, and didn’t eat correctly.

By all means, I was still just fucking around

The Eureka Moment

Something happened one day and I told myself “I’m sick of being weak and soft”.  I found by the grace of Brodin a legit beginner program.  I started logging my food intake for muscle growth. I shed the fear of being a former fat ass and decided to finally give my body the fuel it needs for gains.  I set a specific time every morning that I would lift.  It all just came to me when I was real with myself about wanting change in my life.

Lifting is my number 1 hobby now.  I don’t lift to look better for to chicks, or for any other reason than wanting to be strong and big, how a man should be.  I’m addicted.

How To Get There

If you want to get serious, you have to be serious with yourself.  You wont look like Dwane Johnson in a year.  You wont get shredded in 6 months.  The guys you see with actually killer physiques that don’t do drugs have been lifting for years.  You can pack on some muscle if you’re completely untrained though.  The key is consistency.  The best routine is one you’re going to do, day in and day out, month after month.

Lifting gets my head right too.  When lift, I for whatever reason am motivated to do more in the day.  Tasks and obligations are that much easier because of the “mental high” of training.

You’ll look better, feel better, boost confidence, and morale.  Why the fuck haven’t you started yet?