An animal is at its most dangerous when it is on the brink of death.  With all the violence around the US this past year, we are starting to see a trend.  The left is scared shitless and will do almost anything to grasp onto what little power they still have left.  The pendulum is swinging back and people are done with this narrative.

Cultural Marxism

This is the toxic ideology that is pitting us against each other.  The fact that every outsider is better than you and you have to just shut up and take it.  That you should feel bad about your heritage or if you fit their agenda, that you need special treatment.

If you’re a heterosexual white male, you’re the enemy.  If you’re anything else you’re not good enough to make it on your own.  The left loves to beat the multicultural drum, but they clearly perpetuate racism.

The whole “rebel cool” and “fight the man” thing started in the 50/60s has pushed this shit for far too long.  Hard working traditional people have had it with this force fed bullshit that they’ve peddled for so long.

Their Leaders are Dangerous

The president and Hillary Clinton are dangerous as ever.  They know that they are on the brink losing power and will use any means to keep that power.  They incite the violence.  They incite the people with propaganda which lead the worst of society to act as their soldiers.  The “GOP” is just as bad.  They’re in bed with the banks and businesses just like the left.

Don’t expect it to get better.  The more corruption that is exposed the more they’ll use their “useful idiots” to distract you and try to scare you.  You have to remain smart and ready at all times for shit to hit the fan.

The Only Way Out

Just like the patriots of Brexit, who voted and won their independence, we need to endorse Trump.  If you really listen to what he says in an unbiased point of view, you’ll see why it makes sense.

He wants to fix the infrastructure that is falling apart, while forcing people to LEGALLY immigrate to the US.  This means jobs for people WHO LIVE HERE and for people who ACTUALLY WANT TO BE HERE!

The world thinks the US is a laughing stock right now because of decades of pussified leaders and policies.  Do you think people want to fuck with guys like Putin?  Despite they way their country is run, they have a stong, masculine leader and its reflected world wide.