I had a revelation today, and I’m not sure why it took so long to come to light.  We’re bombarded every day with narratives on how to think and what to believe in.  News, Facebook, Reddit etc. all push an agenda or some form of propaganda.  You get caught up in it, it distracts you and affects your life.  I say cut the cord.

Mainstream TV is Propaganda

The idiot box is pushing a narrative whether you believe it or not.

The narrative being pushed that men are bumbling idiots who need their hot, level headed wife to figure out and “wear the pants.”   Countless sitcoms, ads, and movies push this and the second a man acts masculine, your SJW Tumblr brigades take to the blogs to condemn it as insertbuzzwordhereist.

Another is the blatant multiculturalism.  Every ad has a black guy, hispanic woman, obviously gay couple, asian man, and a white woman.  Its so distracting that it takes away from the product they’re trying to push as “tolerant.” and I get it.  If you dont pander to the masses they bitch on facebook and ruin your brand.

I do not think having friends different than you is bad at all.  My best friend is half black/half sicilian, but things should just be.  The average mixed race couple here, a gay couple there, but instead of just pushing “LOOK AT HOW WERE MIXING” they should be showing strong families, regardless of anything else, but that goes against their message.  A strong family threatens their leftist agenda of making the government your parent and provider.

Stop Watching the News

They push, twist, and lie about everything to fit their agendas.  They take things out of context and redistribute them as “fact”.  Take it all in, but use your judgement.

Even news that falls under my political belief is structure and scripted.  I’m sick of that shit. I’m here to make my own decisions and see things for how they truly are.  Don’t let some bullshit on MSN or Facebook influence you too much.  This thing called media is the greatest weapon ever created because it is honestly mind control.