A code of honor is something most readers would understand.  Its a often unwritten law between guys to pull your own weight and do the job that needs to be done.  Frame is like a code of honor to yourself.  Its a baseline you set that is impenetrable.  A strong frame is the logical step to to Strength: Step One to Maning Up.

Establish A Baseline

The key to a strong frame is that everyone usually agrees that it falls under the categories of:

1. Looking Out for You

Putting your needs first is key to building a strong frame.  You must establish what you want from life, how to obtain it and working hard to getting there.  You must realize that you are important and that living to please other people is a voluntary slavery.

2. Not Deviating From the Path

Once you’ve established your baseline, you must always maintain it.  Your girlfriend will test you to see if you’re frame is strong enough with shit tests.  Your boss may test your frame by putting you in charge of a seemingly impossible situation, just to see how you function under pressure.  The key here is to never break your core values to yourself, and call people out when they do.

Too often I see guys taking shit from women just because they may (they wont) get to have sex with them.  They let the woman speak down to them and humiliate them.  They have no self respect and they let others exploit it.

Reap the Rewards

A man with strong frame and a strong body is always respected.  Whether you’re a fit office worker, or a burly construction worker, a guy who carries himself with strength and confidence gains the attention of women, and respect of men.

It also translates into other avenues of your life.  Having a strong frame may get you that promotion or raise at work.  It may get you out of a bad situation just by standing your ground.

Always maintain this code and never let anyone take it from you.  Just like a building, once the foundation is compromised, the rest of the building collapses.

-J. Nyx