Our feminized, slack wristed world is demonizing any sense of masculinity.  Its demonizing any sense of honor, hard work, courage, strength and decency in favor of weak, soft, dishonest, perpetual children who cry for what they want.  Where is a traditional man to turn when teaching his sons how to be men?  I have a few tips I use with my own sons.

Only A Man Can

If the feminist revolution taught us anything its that only a man can raise a boy into a man.  All the women who gave up on being mothers in favor of a career or the men who were too  pussified to be a leader cause two generations of weak sad cunts that were only male in the biological sense.  These guys haphazardly chase after a woman to replicate their “mothers love” and end up broke, broken, and alone.

In days of yore, boys were out in the fields with their fathers for hours on end.  They’d talk about life, women, and everything a guy should know growing up.  The women stayed close to the farm house with the daughters; raising the children, learning to cook, clean, sow etc.  There is a reason this existed for so long because it is how it needs to be.

Be Present

You must be active in your sons life.  So many “men” were just there, succumbing to the “happy wife happy life” mindset. (I fucking reject any man who says that by the way)  Their sons grew up to think a man is to just put up with bullshit because “muh vagina”.

You have to teach your sons about the world around them.  You have to talk with them about how a man should act, how a woman should act, and that the world doesn’t owe them shit for just existing.  You must take life by the horns.

No Tears

I am their father, I’m not there for emotional support.  I’ll help my kids if they are hurt, or if they are in need of it but save all the crying for your mother.  It may come across as hard, but that’s how you build a strong man.  One that knows he must pull his own weight, suck it up, and keep going.

Lead By Example

Your son will turn to you and emulate you.  If you’re a degenerate piece of shit, that’s what he’ll become.  If you’re weak, he’ll be weak.  Engage with your son.  Teach him how to be a man.

Let your son help you do hard work.  Show him the importance of physical and mental strength.  Teach him that he is to be reliable and that since he was born with a dick, he must be strong and push through the bullshit because no one else will.

Encourage Male Behavior

Get him into sports. Take him hunting/fishing.  Show him how to throw a wrench on a car.  He’ll love every second of learning from dad, and you’re doing your best duty as a man to lead him to greatness.  Boys remember the shit they did with their father, and the remember if you fucked up and weren’t there.

The narrative of today will try to tear him down and teach him that even looking at a girl is wrong.  Fuck that shit right now.  I will not let my boys grow up to be a weak sad cunt.  They are to embrace their masculinity and become the warriors they need to in order to fight off the coming hordes that the world is unleashing upon us.


-J. Nyx