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July 2016

A Man Must Lead

I hear countless stories about men and young guys who feel lost and don't know how to "feel like a man."  They walk around as perpetual boys who dress like they're 12, sound like pussies, and act like morons.  They're... Continue Reading →


A Rift In Right Politics

Today the Republican party in the US is not the one you think you know.  Sure you have your bible thumpers, good ol' boys, Neo-cons, aka the Bush's and McCains, but there is a new sector of the right that... Continue Reading →

Killing The Weakness Inside You

As men, we have to be strong at all times, and at all times someone is trying to test you.  The world doesn't give a shit about you and wants you to fail.  Your girlfriend gives you shit. Your boss... Continue Reading →

Beta Tactics At the RNC

Here at Becoming The Monolith, weakness and cowardice are shunned and outright mocked.  An honorable man knows when he has been beaten by a better competitor.  Rather than try to outright steal that mans spotlight, you should internalize why you... Continue Reading →

Avoiding Stagnation

Just like water, a man who is stagnant breeds disease and becomes toxic.  You must keep moving in order to have purpose, achieve goals, and make your life worth living.  A man who spins his wheels cannot be trusted because... Continue Reading →

The Iron Is My Church

Every morning, whether well rested or tired, hungry or full, sick or healthy, I train.  It is an automatic response to want to lift the second I open my eyes.  While doing the routine, I'm sweating, panting, and pushing myself... Continue Reading →

The Establishment Is Crumbling

An animal is at its most dangerous when it is on the brink of death.  With all the violence around the US this past year, we are starting to see a trend.  The left is scared shitless and will do... Continue Reading →

Destroy Your TV

I had a revelation today, and I'm not sure why it took so long to come to light.  We're bombarded every day with narratives on how to think and what to believe in.  News, Facebook, Reddit etc. all push an... Continue Reading →

Frame: Your Code of Conduct

A code of honor is something most readers would understand.  Its a often unwritten law between guys to pull your own weight and do the job that needs to be done.  Frame is like a code of honor to yourself.... Continue Reading →

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