Its becoming rare to see men who actually put their needs first.  How many times do you see that miserable man being dragged along behind his wife/girlfriend who spends all the money they have on shit they don’t need.  What about the guy who despite working his ass off to provide a home for his wife and children, only for her to get “bored of him” and end up fucking Chad Thundecock in their bedroom?  I don’t wholly blame women for this, as hypergamy is their nature and honor to their man is lost in a split second.  No, if you have become someones doormat, its because you chose to be.

Be Selfish

No one gives a shit about you.  I’ve touched on this many times.  If you want things, get off your ass and make them happen.  You have to want to achieve greatness if you ever plan on getting it.  Tell your girlfriend where you want to go to dinner.  Tell your boss that you think you’re not being compensated for the level of work you do.  You have to want things for you!

Numero Uno

Don’t let your happiness be based off of anyone else.  This is a recipe for disaster and wont get you anywhere.  I’ve seen many guy friends base their happiness on making their girlfriend happy, and its always led to failure.   These guys would constantly be stressed out because making someone “happy” all the time doesn’t work.  You make women happy by being a strong, dependable man.  By catering to their every whim you become their bitch, and they lose respect for you.

Demand Respect

If your date is talking down to you at a bar, let her know you wont take that.  If she persists or gives you shit, leave.  You don’t have to take shit from anyone and shes not the last girl in the world.

If you want to do something, plan it and just do it.  Fuck what your family, girlfriend, or friends say.  You have one shot at life and you don’t want to be on your death bed saying “If only I didn’t spend so much time with her at Bed, Bath & Beyond”

When you engage and enrich your own life, you attract others who engage and enrich their lives.  You’re more interesting and desirable.

Stand tall brothers,

-J. Nyx