A disturbing trend I see among guys today is that everyone is too much of a pussy to call people out on their shit.  As I wrote about in You Don’t Get To Complain!, guys today get in their loser, beta male circle jerk sessions where everyone is nice to each other, and when someone is speaking, despite the topic, I must respect their opinion or views.  Its even worse with guys who think that a woman gets to say or do whatever she wants to him with no repercussions.   That isn’t how things work.  Today, I’ll address this problem and how you need to man up and call people out.

Respect Must Be Earned

You don’t owe someone respect just because they exist. People think that because they have an opinion that they must be respected.  The thing is, yes you do have the right to say whatever you want, but no I do not have to give it any credibility or validation based purely on the fact that you feel a certain way.

Everyone should get their turn to voice their opinions, but if its an opinion that is toxic, based in fantasy, or a straight up distortion of truth, you should be called out on it.

The Tactics of the Beta

Typical “nice guy” behavior is to do things for people and expect praise.  Like a golden retriever they base their happiness on acceptance and coddling.  The second they feel like they’ve done something that didn’t get validated they get upset and get defensive.   These guys do this with women, but also with other guys.

Simply being more successful is threatening to these guys who have been raised to  grey, vanilla, and slack wristed. The “alpha douche” hurts their ego despite the fact they’re more infatuated with him than a third rate slut.

When you face these guys with facts they take it as a personal attack because everyone else in their lives panders to their loser status.  Their feelings get hurt and they demand that you take back your condescending remarks.   I say fuck all that

Making Them Face Reality

It used to be when you saw a successful rich, ripped guy with a 10/10 trophy wife that you wanted to emulate him or at the very least get motivated to make yourself more successful.  We live in this bizzaro world where effort and hard work “trigger” people who are lazy, stupid, and unsuccessful, and they denounce your achievements.

Personally, in my group of friends, there exists a invisible forum where anything can be said without feelings attached.  If I fuck something up, and one of my buddies says “Hey, you’re fucking up.  Get your shit together” I don’t get upset.  I don’t want to fight him. I take in what he says because I value his opinion, and try to fix whatever I need to.   Maintain that rock solid frame in every aspect of your life, and always work to make it better.

Dealing With Your Girl

Just because someone owns a set of tits is no reason to not call them out on their shit.  Women these days get validated by losers so much that they think they can say whatever they want because some white knight will come along and defend her, thus validating her more.

My wife had (yes thanks to me its past tense) a friend like this.  Fat, ugly, stupid, and a real conniving bitch.  She thought she could do or say whatever she wanted because “muh vagina” and even strung along some guy to the point to where he lost his house, his career, and all his money.  When the time was right, I told her shes a fat, ugly bitch that no one likes and to never set foot in my home again.  The puzzled/shocked look on her face was priceless.  The first time in her life a guy put her in her place and she almost had a heart attack from shock alone.

Closing Thought

I’m not advocating being a total dick to everyone you know either.  That won’t get you anywhere in life, but at the same time you have to let people know you don’t just respect them because they exist.  People need more “tough love” these days than ever.


J. Nyx