We all have a busy schedule, so if you’re serious about getting bigger, stronger, and living up to your potential you have to make time to do it.  For me, training in the early in the morning is the perfect time, and provide me benefits both inside and outside the power rack.

Get It Done

You gotta move the weight to get big.  Getting my training done first thing ensures that I will get my 5 days of lifting in.  There are no distractions, you get your training in and you move on with your day.  I have the benefit of a home gym, but even when I had to go to the gym, it was less crowded around 5 am.

Gets You Going

I’ve cut out coffee completely since starting early morning weight training.  After an hour and a half of lifting, I’m wide awake and ready to go.  Even if you’re a heavy sleeper, waking up, getting dressed and hitting the iron becomes easier the more you do it.

Mental Focus

On days I lift, all the other parts of the day seem to come easier to me.  You feel that surge of accomplishment all day long.  Whether getting a project at work done, or studying for a test, all other challenges seem easier to me.  On days I skip lifting, I find I have a harder time focusing on challenges and my productivity is in the shitter all day.

Tips To Get Those AM Gainz

The easier you make it to get your ass out of bed, the better.  Get your clothes out the night before, even put the socks you’re going to wear on/in your shoes.  Mix up your pre-workout the night before.  Anything that will stop you fumbling around at 5 am trying to get ready.

Get enough sleep too.  You must be well rested (and you should be to gain muscle) before working out. 8 hours seems to be the magic number for me.