My father once told me “Nothing worth doing it life was easy.”  Its a statement that has echoed through my mind multiple times in my life, and I try to teach it to people today.  In a world where everything is a click, swipe, or button push away from you, we’ve lost something crucial to a mans development; the struggle.

No Pain, No Gain

In hardship is where a man grows.  Its not until you’re faced with some great opposition or test that we truly excel.  There is a reason why the hero’s journey has been retold and remodeled across centuries and cultures.  We can hear its resonate call to action, struggle, great fight, and wisdom gained in the process.

Today, it may be a little harder to connect with this.  We’ve been conditioned to find the path of least resistance in everything.  I’ve seen grown men completely loose their shit when faced with the simplest of tasks.  Furthermore, the “problems” facing the modern man are so trivial that its little more than a child loosing their teddy bear.

A guy I knew messed up his smartphone and was truly panicking at the though of not being able to get on Facebook for a day.  His whole world was rocked with the fact that his pocket computer wasn’t functioning.

Risks and Responsibilities

As men, we are conditioned to take risks.  Greatness was always achieved by a guy, who against all odds, was determined to succeed.  I challenge you to take a risk in your own life.  Go up to that girl you’ve been eyeing up at the coffee shop and start talking to her.  Go out into the wilderness and hike a mountain trail.  Get a book that teaches you a new language. Book a trip to a country you’ve never been to.   What I’m trying to say is to get off your ass, get the screen out of your eyes, and fucking do something. 

So many people today are so afraid of failing that they do absolutely nothing. They always have big delusions of “someday I’ll have a big house” or “one day I’ll go back to school”, but I call that for what it is: bullshit.  The day do start improving is NOW, in fact it should have been yesterday.  There was never a time where I said to myself “Im glad I waited to make myself better.”  If you wonder why you don’t have things in life, its because you didn’t try hard enough and some other motherfucker did. 

Other than calculated risks, taking on responsibility helps you realize that you have to strive and chisel away at life.  When your family, job, or even friends rely on you to pull your own weight, you get a sense of honor to them.

I used to be a brick mason.  When building a wall, be it 1 foot or 100 feet high, you’re responsible to get your work done, keep your area safe, and be on the look out for your co-workers.  The times when guys got hurt is when someone was slacking off, fucking around, or not paying attention.

Stop looking for the easy way out in life.  If its easy to do, then everyone is a master.  If everyone is a master, no one truly is.


-J. Nyx