Today we will unlock 5 key tips you can start using today to boost confidence, help with relationships professional and personal, and help ignite a fire inside you to get you what you want.


1. No One Gives a Shit About You

The world doesn’t owe you shit.  You have to realize this from day one.  Your mother maybe, but no woman, friend, co-worker or anyone else really gives a shit about your feelings.  You must accept this in order to move on and realize that confidence is brought from within.  You can’t rely on others to prop you up and make you feel good about yourself.  I’ve actually lost long term friends because I refused to placate their ego to make them feel better.  One friend, would just keep seeking validation.  Hes in the same professional field as me, and said he had an interview to go on. I was grilling him on some topics I have been asked on interviews.  His ego got hurt and he started to say that I was attacking him.  I told him “no, you feel bad because I’m not patting you on the head saying you’re going to be okay. Learn the fucking material”  The next day he called after the interview asking me to tutor him ($).


2. You Have to Give a Shit About You

Moving forward, if no one gives a shit about you, then someone has to if you want success.  You have to give a shit about you, and only you first.  People are attracted to confident men, and confident men don’t put their needs on the sideline to help others.  If you want to attract people to you (women, clients etc) you have to put your shit in order first.  Dress like a man, keep yourself groomed, stand up tall, speak in a slow, calculated manner.  Try to emulate the man you wish to be like if you’re having a hard time, it all becomes natural in the long run.


3. Don’t Give a Shit About ______

Your girlfriends mood, the weather, what happened on Game of Thrones, that girl who ignored you at the coffee shop, etc.  These are all external things that really don’t have an impact on your life.  You have to come across that you hold the same baseline in good/bad, fun/daunting situations.  You establish a code or tone with people and they know how you expect things to be.


4. Do Give a Shit About ______

Your appearance, your life goals, your career, game.  These are all things that do impact you and what you can achieve.  If you sit on your ass, jerking off all day, playing Xbox then wonder why no one in the world respects you, then you need to realize that you are getting in your own way by not focusing on the real shit in front of you.


5. Getting Started

I’ll use Jack Donovan’s 4 pillars of manhood to explain:

Strength: Its at the core of every masculine thing in history. Strength is what seperates men from women, and warriors from common folk.  Every man should be strong or at least physically fit.  Being a squish fat blob goes against thousands of years of men beasting shit because they had to.  Start with weight training or martial arts.

Courage: A man must not cower when faced with adversity.  If you want a job, there’s a motherfucker you have to beat out to get it.  If you want to stop having a shitty life, you have to make yourself valuable.  In order to get what you want, you have to not be afraid of the risks, and when faced with them, you handle it and move on.

Honor: Men who cannot be trusted are better off dead.  A mans word and more so his action is how he’s judged in the arena of other men.  To disregard being a man by not living up to whats expected of you leaves panties dry, and other men to ridicule you.  A mans honor to his family/tribe is the cornerstone of our species

Mastery: I saved this for last because it is the most difficult.  When you set out on a goal, see that it is completed to 100% of your ability.  You will fail, you will fall, but the next thing you do, you should have learned from the previous failure, and applied your new insights to all future endeavors.  A man becomes a master by fucking up more times than not.

-J. Nyx.

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