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June 2016

Stop Putting Others Before Yourself

Its becoming rare to see men who actually put their needs first.  How many times do you see that miserable man being dragged along behind his wife/girlfriend who spends all the money they have on shit they don't need.  What... Continue Reading →


On Calling People Out On Their Shit

A disturbing trend I see among guys today is that everyone is too much of a pussy to call people out on their shit.  As I wrote about in You Don’t Get To Complain!, guys today get in their loser, beta male... Continue Reading →

Lifting While They Sleep

We all have a busy schedule, so if you're serious about getting bigger, stronger, and living up to your potential you have to make time to do it.  For me, training in the early in the morning is the perfect time, and... Continue Reading →

Instant Gratification Is Toxic

My father once told me "Nothing worth doing it life was easy."  Its a statement that has echoed through my mind multiple times in my life, and I try to teach it to people today.  In a world where everything... Continue Reading →

You Don’t Get To Complain!

Nothing in life is uglier than a man who bitches about his lot in life.  As a man you need to realize that no one gives a fuck about your feelings.  The only person who cares about you, is you.  Today... Continue Reading →

Strength: Step One to Maning Up

At every facet of masculinity, I find strength to ultimately be the first stepping stone to becoming a man. Whether a Spartan warrior, or a guy whose had it with this toxic acceptance of weakness, most men when trying to... Continue Reading →

5 Ways To Unlock Confidence

Today we will unlock 5 key tips you can start using today to boost confidence, help with relationships professional and personal, and help ignite a fire inside you to get you what you want.   1. No One Gives a... Continue Reading →

Welcome To Becoming the Monolith

Hello and welcome to the first post on Becoming The Monolith.  I am J. Nyx, a former writer for Joe Ink and now I am out on my own.  The content of this blog is or R-Rated nature, and the topics range... Continue Reading →

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