Becoming The Monolith

Strength for body and mind

The Clock is Ticking

Guys, every day we wake up is one day closer to the end. While you can be active and fit well into your 70s, we will all slowly degrade over time. You most likely wont be pulling a 500 pound... Continue Reading →

The 103

Today is March 23. In 103 Days it will be July 4th. The official holiday of Summer. I don't care if you're not from the US because this day is just fucking awesome. We have 104 days before shirts are... Continue Reading →

All or Nothing

Fuckarounditis. I read this term on various sites and its meaning is what I've found to be the default mindset most people have when they get into fitness. They see the shredded joocy monsters on youtube. They see the cut... Continue Reading →

The Program

As I wrote about in a previous post I've been lifting for a while now. I've had serious strength gains, serious muscle building but also shit years where I let things get in the way. I've covered that part in... Continue Reading →

Embrace Struggle

Nature is the ultimate battlefield. She cares not of your feelings. You must step up to the plate and keep fighting or lose and perish. We've lost our connection to this in the modern era. In a time when we... Continue Reading →


I am not a pro bodybuilder, powerlifter, personal trainer or strength coach. I'm a guy that just loves lifting. 8 years ago I started where most people start. Googling how to workout. How to lift, etc. The terms "hypertrophy", "strength... Continue Reading →

The Reboot

It's been 5 years since I created this site. Since then I've been active on a few blogs. And yet, after all that, I felt the need to come back home. BTM, is 100% me. I don't regret the last... Continue Reading →

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